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Power up your home or workspace with unparalleled efficiency and convenience using our exceptional 4000W High-Capacity Multiprise Power Strip. This innovative device empowers you to seamlessly connect and charge multiple devices simultaneously, transforming your power management into a breeze.

Unrivaled Power Capacity

With a maximum output of 16 A / 4000 W, this power strip boasts exceptional power handling capabilities. It effortlessly supports even high-performance appliances and electronics, ensuring smooth operation without limitations. Whether you’re running multiple computers, powering kitchen appliances, or charging an array of devices, this power strip has you covered.

Comprehensive Connectivity

4000W High-Capacity Multipurpose Power Strip

This versatile power strip offers an unparalleled range of connectivity options. Its 10 common sockets accommodate various plug configurations, allowing you to connect a wide range of devices with ease. Additionally, its 4 USB ports provide convenient charging for smartphones, tablets, and other USB-powered devices.

Optimized Charging with USB Ports

4000W High-Capacity Multipurpose Power Strip

The power strip’s integrated USB ports are equipped with intelligent charging technology that automatically detects the connected device. This ensures that each device receives the optimal charging current, up to a maximum of 5V/3.1A. Charge your devices swiftly and efficiently, without worrying about overcharging or damage.

Safety and Protection Features

4000W High-Capacity Multipurpose Power Strip

Your safety and the well-being of your devices are paramount. Our power strip is equipped with advanced safety features to safeguard against potential hazards. Its built-in surge protector protects sensitive electronics from harmful voltage fluctuations, while the overload protection mechanism prevents excessive power draw that could lead to damage.

Convenient Master Switch and Standard Grounding

4000W High-Capacity Multipurpose Power Strip

A convenient master switch allows you to effortlessly control the power supply to all connected devices with a single touch. The power strip’s standard grounding provides a reliable electrical path to earth, ensuring the safety of your equipment and preventing electrical malfunctions.

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