What comes to mind when you think about search engine optimization (SEO) tools? Perhaps the most recalled Google, with about 63,000 searches per second, with 90.46% market share worldwide. As such, if Google is the leading search engine that comes to SEO, Amazon is the leading marketplace. Amazon receives more […]

1.grilled pork It’s similar to a Western barbecue, so it’s the best menu. If you tell us the samhap style of eating grilled garlic on lettuce, rice cake In the West, meat is often eaten as a side dish, so ask, “Would you like some rice?” You can also try […]

The first large international conference was held targeting BTS for academic research. On April 4-5, the conference was held at Kingston University, outside London, UK under the name ‘BTS (A Global Interdisciplinary Conference Project)’. Researchers from around the world who loved BTS gathered together to analyze and exchange the ‘BTS […]

On August 24, 1945, Ukishima Maru (4,730 tons) of a cargo ship retreated to the Japanese Navy at Maizuru Port near Kyoto, Japan, sank with a sudden explosion. At the time, private ships such as merchant ships were forced to use “maru” as a suffix when naming ships.In Japan, this […]

Almond products have emerged as Korea’s flagship product. Almond products, which had not been exported to Japan and only five years ago, are becoming so popular that local retailers have set up displays in local retail stores last year. Almond products are also popular in Myeong-dong, Seoul. There are many […]

This year’s keyword ‘DID’ .. “The first half of the service led by large enterprises” ICO withered and funded .. There was a time when the cryptocurrency craze blew and related ventures raked hundreds of billions of won through ICO. But this did not last three years. This year, crypto-related […]

When creating a password on an Internet site, make it as difficult as possible and use special characters in uppercase and lowercase. However, this doesn’t really help security. [If you don’t want to be hacked, create a password using uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.] There is someone […]