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Unveil the Ultimate Camping Companion: FLEXTAILGEAR Tiny Pump X

FLEXTAILGEAR Tiny Pump X is the ultimate camping companion, featuring an ultra-compact design, powerful performance, and versatile functionality. Weighing a mere 89 grams and measuring just 2*1.7*1.7 inches, this portable air pump is as small as an egg and effortlessly slips into your pocket or backpack. Its robust 3.5 kPa air pressure and rapid 180L/min wind speed ensure fast and efficient inflation and deflation. FLEXTAILGEAR Tiny Pump X is suitable for air mattresses, camping floats, inflatables, storage bags, and even lighting with its integrated LED light. As an exclusive offer, you can now acquire FLEXTAILGEAR Tiny Pump X for a remarkable discount of 85%, bringing its price down from $35.64 to an unbeatable $5.42.