TF started “220 domestic chemicals and chemicals, domestic and third country” Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong visits Samsung Electronics Onyang Campus in Asan, Chungcheongnam-do on the 6th, and is checking the site with Kim Ki-nam, Vice Chairman of DS Division, Vice President of TSP Paik, and Kyo-Young Jin. Provided […]

Regulation of exports to South Korea was aimed at by the Moon Jae-in government. However, due to the pressure of the United States and the turmoil at home and abroad, it has become harder to see the “end”. What is the exit strategy for Japan? Which way will the Abe […]

Fukushima has emerged as an “Achilles heel” of the Tokyo Summer Olympics, which has been around for a year. There is a growing likelihood that international organizations will raise questions about the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee’s decision to provide agricultural and marine products from Fukushima to Olympic athletes. The Fukushima […]

Moody Blues – Your Wildest Dreams (83) In Korea, it seems that groups that are loved by fans as well as Moody Blues are rare. I have already been performing a few performances in several productions for a long time, but unfortunately I have not been able to accomplish many […]