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Still, nowadays, when outside activities have been less due to corona, winter has come when I don’t want to move more.

With a reverse idea, I found out what foods can diet in winter.

When the weather gets cold, the human body burns calories to maintain body temperature.

According to foreign papers, exposure to temperatures below 15 degrees Celsius for about 10 to 20 minutes causes the body to consume fat energy through muscle contraction to generate heat, which is similar to the effect of exercise for about 1 hour.

How about trying a diet with weightless food that makes you feel full and light exercise in winter, when others are squatting?

(1) cabbage

right. That cabbage that is common around us is right.

Before the diet, I want to emphasize that women eat cabbage without thinking, even if it doesn’t taste good.

It is so rich in dietary fiber and a lot of sulforaphane, which is good for the stomach, so it is good for constipation and stomach.

Not only boiled leaves, but also drinking water brewed in boiled water is the best vegetable that can get skin and diet effects as a bonus because it has low calories and rich vitamin C. Let’s eat wildly!

(However, when brewing in boiled water, discard the green leaves and put only the white part to prevent the smell.)

(2) chicken breast

A really bad chicken breast that is common and common on TV.

Fat and carbohydrates, which are the cause of obesity, are very low, so the older brothers who were taking care of themselves at the gym eat them every day.

However, there is a very, very expensive food called beef, which is the one top of low-fat, high-protein quality, but it is burdensome to frequently eat beef that is expensive enough to sell a house or a car to eat every day.

Canned chicken breasts are also sold at nearby stores, and you can easily get chicken breasts made in packs.

Since we are not professional bodybuilders, it is boring to eat, so you can eat it by frying it with onions with fat-degrading ingredients.

(3) potato

Potatoes that existed as an unrivaled oral crop in the past global famine or disaster.

A lot of potassium and vitamin C in potatoes are not destroyed even if they are ground, roasted and boiled, so there are various recipes around the world.

In the Victorian era of England, it was a whole food that the common people who ate only potatoes and milk were said to be in better nutrition than the upper class.

However, sweet potatoes, similar to potatoes, are not good for diet. The heat of potatoes is about half that of sweet potatoes.

Do not cook it complicatedly, just boil it and eat it. It is better not to work.

(4) carrot

Carrots eat a lot as a snack between women’s diet.

A vegetable that is highly recommended because it is rich in dietary fiber and increases the duration of satiety.

It is recommended to eat it raw as possible, and it can be chopped and put in a lunch box and eaten as a meal replacement.

(5) radish

13kcal per 100g of ultra-low-calorie vegetables.

Do I really need more explanation?

Let’s just eat it as it is raw, like carrots, and chop it into pieces.

As you know, when you eat, it is digested by itself, and because it is hydrated, you do not gain weight.

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