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Crafting Magic: Exciting Materials for Moms to Create Memorable Moments with their Children

1.grilled pork

It’s similar to a Western barbecue, so it’s the best menu. If you tell us the samhap style of eating grilled garlic on lettuce, rice cake In the West, meat is often eaten as a side dish, so ask, “Would you like some rice?” You can also try doenjang stew beta service as a bonus.

2. Bibimbap (Rice mixed with vegetables and beef)

Surprisingly, meat is not good in Korean food. The hard part when I met a vegetarian friend. If you show Bibimbap at this time, you’ll be sangsangbong, which is called ‘Korean Colorful Beautiful Food.’ A contributor to the American Guardians once praised Dolsot Bibimbap for “Winter Soul Food.”

3. Fried Chicken

How can I discuss Korean food without eating Korean soul food chicken? There are no sauces with sweet sauce or crispy tempura mixed with soy sauce. Even though it was deep fried in regular fried chicken, I saw seasoned chicken and how I could sweeten chicken. In Europe, fried chickens were rarely eaten, which made them even more curious.

4. Ginseng chicken soup

Japanese food especially favorite. Rumor has it that it is good for skin beauty, and there is a waiting line at Samgyetang in Japan. The famous Samgyetang restaurant, Gyeongbokgung Palace, had more foreigners than Koreans. Some people are overwhelmed by the visuals of a bewitching chicken.

5. Dried Seaweed Rolls

I was on my way to Climbing Inwangsan with a friend from England. I was a vegetarian friend (also!) And bibimbap, miso stew in front of the car was tingling tea. I went to Kimbab Heaven to buy a snack to eat in the mountains. When he looked back quietly, my friend was taking a video of her making gimbap. How can you make that thick roll in five minutes? After that, one meal was eaten every day.

6. Pancake stuffed with brown sugar

Let’s show the new world of street food at Gwangjang Market, Myeong-dong, and Busan PIFF Square. According to the Korea Tourism Organization survey, the number one experience foreigners want to try was ‘street food culture’. If you see hotteok, put it in your hand when spraying. Hotteok Mix is ​​a savior when it comes to the difficult situation of an exchange student or Korean food while traveling. When I made hotteok with a mix in a foreign country, it wasn’t just a testimony that I reached a full record, saying, “It’s like a dessert cake.

7. Pan-fried pancake & Rice wine

Mungdae Tteok and Assorted Jeon are easy foods for foreigners. Very greasy but crunchy, I loved the edges (there’s no matter what the country is). Korean traditional sake rice wine is also essential. A friend who drank makgeolli in a slow village with low sour taste continued to say sweet milk and died. Since then, he said, “dangerous alcohol.”

8. Kimchi fried rice & stew

“Do you like Kimchi?” Although it is now a gag material, kimchi is an important food in Korean food culture. I was worried at first because of the peculiar smell. On the other hand, some friends did not like hot and tasteless. Saying that there is a dislike.

If you want to start with kimchi fried rice, if you want to enjoy kimchi, suggest kimchi stew with plenty of pork. In particular, Hallyu fans are very fond of kimchi stew because they saw it in a drama.

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