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BTS ARMY opposes the big hit drama.

In October, the drama “YOUTH,” containing the worldview of BTS, unveiled the lineup and announced it will air in 2021.

‘Youth’ is a drama about the worldview of BTS and deals with the growth period of seven young boys who are at stake. In particular, it was known to use the real names of the members of BTS.

However, BTS’ ARMY made a statement against the agency Big Hit Entertainment against the production of “youth,” saying, “I condemn serious anti-human rights acts.” Concerns were raised about the anti-human rights situation that would occur when the member’s real name was used in a fictional drama.

In particular, he argued that “what the drama characters experience will be applied to the artist intact and talked about,” he said. “Even so, pursuing it does not have the obligation and will to protect the artist, and it shows the agency’s anti-human rights thinking and behavior.”

ARMY demanded the agency to stop producing the drama and emphasized that they take the lead in protecting the members. At the same time, he warned, “If you continue to act against this, you will face legal and social criticism.”

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