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Primadonna’s confession of fans toward V, a member of BTS (BTS), is drawing attention.
Cho Soo-mi, a legendary soprano in Korea, made headlines recently for her interest and support for V.
When V’s self-composed song Snow Flower surpassed 70 million streams on SoundCloud, Jo Su-mi shared it on her Instagram story and congratulated him.
The song also drew a lot of attention as Jo Su-mi covered V’s birthday on December 30.
Jo Su-mi also showed her affection by sharing photos of V’s dog Yeontan.
And when I saw V singing opera songs during his break, I thought, “Oh, my God.
He also expressed his interest by saying, “How can I do this? #V #Extraordinary.

Lea Salonga, a world-renowned musical actress and singer, is also one of the primadonna who has consistently confessed his fan sentiment toward V.
Leah Salonga says, “Taehyung (V’s real name), you’re perfect.
I tweeted to say that,” he said, adding hearts added.
Earlier, she said of V, “Looking at what he says reminds me of inspiration and makes me happy.
He expressed his affection for V, saying, “My voice is soulful and I want you to keep singing,” and since then, Taehyung’s illness has continued.
Maria Koreva, who is showing off her skills as the first solo artist of the Mariinsky Ballet, one of Russia’s top ballet companies, recently confessed her fan sentiment toward V.
Horeba drew attention by sharing V’s self-composed song Sweet Night on his SNS and responding with “Beautiful!” When asked about his favorite, he answered, “Taehyung.
“Taehyung’s illness of primadonna, which transcends fields and borders, is making fans happy and raising expectations for who will confess their fan sentiment next time.