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Let’s eat the original complete superfood egg easily and conveniently.

Eggs are called the original superfood and complete food! Eggs are one of the most popular and favorite foods not only in Korea but also around the world.

Eggs, which used to bring a smile to our lips when we had a fried egg on top of our lunch box when we were young, are one of the staple foods in our daily life and are known to be very nutritious.

In particular, it is rich in protein, low in sodium, and contains essential amino acids necessary for our body such as vitamins and minerals.

Eggs consist of 58% egg white, 31% yolk, and 11% shell.


Helps boost immunity

Eggs are rich in five major nutrients such as protein, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin D, and zinc, and lysozyme in egg white helps to strengthen immunity.

In addition, selenium contains about 22% of the recommended daily amount. Selenium improves the body’s immune system and helps regulate thyroid hormones. If you take it regularly, it helps to prevent various diseases such as colds.

Helps boost energy

Eggs are rich in not only protein but also essential amino acids, calcium, iron and magnesium, and contain more vitamin B than any other food. .

Helps Bone Health

Calcium contained in eggs is a representative mineral that makes bones strong, and the element that helps absorption is vitamin D. Consuming these eggs on a regular basis can reduce the risk of fractures, help build bones in growing children, prevent osteoporosis, and support bone health.

Helps prevent adult diseases

Eggs are rich in lecithin. This lecithin helps to prevent adult diseases by expelling triglycerides and wastes accumulated in blood vessels out of the body through emulsification.

In addition, if taken regularly, it reduces cholesterol, prevents diseases related to blood vessels such as hyperlipidemia and arteriosclerosis, and helps to prevent adult diseases.

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Helps Eye Health

It contains less lutein than broccoli, but more than carrots.

It also contains zeaxanthin and zinc, so it helps eye health. It protects eyesight and retina, prevents macular degeneration, and is good for presbyopia.

Helps brain development

Lecithin, which is abundantly contained in eggs, promotes the production of acetylcholine, a factor that transmits information in the brain. Therefore, if consumed regularly, it improves learning, cognitive ability, memory, and helps to improve overall brain function.

It also activates brain cells, which is good for the brain development of young children and has a good effect on dementia.

Helps prevent anemia

It contains various substances such as iron, vitamins, and calcium, and it helps to prevent anemia.

In particular, it helps in the production of hemoglobin and red blood cells in the bone marrow, thereby preventing iron deficiency anemia and alleviating symptoms.

Helping Pregnant Women

Eggs are rich in choline, DHA, folic acid, iron, and arachidonic acid, which help the brain development of the fetus and prevent chronic disease disorders.

egg cooker
egg cooker

What is an egg cooker ?

An egg steamer is literally **a machine that steams eggs**. Steaming means cooking using hot steam and heat. If you put water in the bottom tray and turn on the power, the water boils and steam is created to cook eggs. You can control the degree of cooking by adjusting the water or by adjusting the timer.

How to use the cooker

1. Pour water into the lower heating plate.
2. Raise the steamer, add eggs, and close the lid.
3. Set the timer and press the operation button.
4. Eggs are steamed properly. end.

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Small and beautiful, not taking up space 2. Convenient peeling: The egg shell is easy to peel off without sticking to the shell. Easy to use: just plug in the power, the power will be cut off automatically after the eggs are cooked.

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Brand new in box

Advantages and Disadvantages of Steamed Egg


– It is easy because you only need to add water and turn on the operation button.
– Half-cooked, full-boiled, lightly-cooked, etc., you can adjust the water or timer to make the desired degree of cooking.
– When boiling water, it may crack, but it is steamed neatly in an intact shape.
– By removing the egg rack, you can steam a variety of foods. Ex) Dumplings, sweet potatoes, rice cakes, etc.
– It is convenient because you don’t have to keep it and wait until it’s all cooked.


– When you need to steam a lot at once, the number of possible is fixed, so you have to use it several times.
– When you want to use it continuously, you have to wait as it can be done after the heating plate has cooled with the overheat prevention function.
– Since it is a product with a power source, it is prohibited to use a dishwasher.
– There is a risk of burns such as lids and soleplates. (Attention for children and the elderly)
– Since it is steamed rather than boiled directly in a pot, it takes longer.

Egg cooking time

**Egg steaming time is different for each product.** In the product manual, the amount and time of water according to the degree of half-boiling and full-boiling will be indicated by time or amount of water. It is difficult to say exactly how much it works because the amount and speed of steam and the size of the product are different for each device.

**Usually 4-6 minutes of lightly cooked, 5-10 minutes of half-cooking, and about 10-15 minutes of full-boiling**, but it is important to find the time that suits you best after several tests.

Tips for purchasing an egg cooker

Egg steamers are not products with special functions, but all have similar materials and specifications. If there is one thing to consider before purchasing, it is the number of eggs that can be steamed at one time. Since the soleplate can be steamed again after it has cooled, a large-capacity steamer is recommended for buyers who need to steam a lot at once.

If you want to use the microwave without connecting the power, we recommend the No. 7 Kkoko Egg Steamer. Although the details such as durability and finish are inferior, it is possible to do up to 4 at a time. It is easy because you only need to add water, close the lid, and turn.

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