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In a background where the conflict between Korea and Japan, which is facing a situation where it can not be separated from each other, can not be solved easily, there is a change in the structure of the Korea-Japan economy. It is an analysis that Japan is no longer as important as the past in the Korean economy.

On February 3, editor-in-chief of Hiroshi Minekishi and Ryosuke Hanabusa of Japan’s economic media Nihon Keizai pointed out that “the change in the structure of the Korea-Japan economic structure is in the background of the (Hanil) confrontation.”

The two commissioners said, “Japan was one of the most important trading partners in Korea in the early days and played a major role as a technologist in importing steel and automobiles.” Recently, Japan is only about 5%. ”

The previous day, the Japanese government passed a resolution to revise the Export Trade Control Order, which contains the contents of exclusion of Korea as a whitelist. The contents of the resolution will be put into effect on July 28 after the fear of the 7th.

It was considered a decision that further undermined the relationship between Korea and Japan that is worsening, and the South Korean government also announced that it would not retire from such a provocation. South Korea also plans to take steps to strengthen export control for Japan.

One of the reasons why the bilateral ties between the two countries are so deep is that the Korean economy and industry are no longer dependent on Japan. As well.

Two editorial members said, “Korean companies such as Samsung and LG won the world championship and drove away the Japanese semiconductor and consumer electronics industries.” It is hard to find a solution in the framework of Japan that realizes the pursuit of Korea and Korea that are insensitive to Japan’s preciousness. There is, “he said.

Nihon Keizai also said that the Japanese government has not whitelisted South Korea from the whitelist, saying, “It has been an economic relationship that has become a” safety valve “in the history of bilateral relations, but this time, “The relationship between Korea and Japan has entered the danger zone after half a century of diplomatic relations in 1965,” he said.









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