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The ruling ruling party in Korea unveiled a map showing areas of radioactive contamination around Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant.

The map also included major stadiums for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, which are within the sphere of radiological impact.

South Korea’s ruling party-The Special Committee on Economic Invasion in Japan held a press conference at the National Assembly on June 26 and released a radioactive pollution map composed of such contents.

Japan radioactive pollution map

The map was made from data released by the Japanese civic group “ Everyone’s Data ” that measures the level of radioactive contamination after the nuclear accident.

In addition to the Fukushima nuclear power plant, the amount of radiation detection according to distance was visualized in color, and the locations of the Miyagi Stadium and the Fukushima Azuma Stadium where the 2nd Tokyo Olympics were unfolded were also expressed.

Chairman Choi Jae-sung explained that this map was “a basis for taking steps that can be taken for the lives and safety of our people.” Chairman Choi stressed that “the controversy over polluted waters in Japan is controversial, so seafood from all over Japan is not only for Tokyo Olympics but also for Olympic visitors.”

Chairman Choi said, “It is not desirable in many ways to talk about whether or not Korean athletes participated in the Tokyo Olympics at this stage.” It can be a problem. ”


韓国の与党 – 日本経済侵略対策特別委員会は26日、国会で記者会見を開き、このような内容で構成された「放射能汚染地図」を公開した。今回の地図は原発事故後、放射能汚染の程度を測定する日本の市民団体「すべてのデータ」で公開した資料に製作された。福島原発を中心に距離に応じた放射能検出量を色で視覚化し、2東京オリンピックが広がる宮城スタジアム、福島東スタジアムなどの位置も一緒に表現した。



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