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The music video for “Diamite” by BTS (BTS).
Big Hit Entertainment.

Despite the corona fandemic, 6.
7 billion K-pop-related tweets were reported worldwide last year.
This figure is an increase of more than 600 million from last year.
Twitter said on the 4th, “Although offline performances, world tours, and fan meetings have decreased due to Corona 19 Pandemic, K-pop-related tweets have proved the popularity of K-pop, which is 6.
7 billion.
“Indonesia had the most K-pop tweets, followed by Thailand, Korea, the Philippines, the United States, Brazil, Malaysia, and Japan.
Japan was the country where many users post K-pop-related tweets.
It was followed by the United States, Indonesia, Korea, the Philippines, and Brazil.
The most mentioned K-pop artist in the world was BTS (BTS), while NCT, EXO, Black Pink, and GOT7 were also loved by people around the world.
The most frequently mentioned song in the world is BTS’ “Diamite”.
Six songs by BTS were ranked in the top 10.
YG Entertainment’s rookie group “Treasure” topped the “Rising K-pop Artist” category, which is based on the amount of tweets about artists who have debuted since 2017.
“This year, we will strengthen the exclusive content of the new format for K-pop artists,” said an official from Twitter Global K-pop K-content Partnership.