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McDonald’s Korea released ‘THE BTS Set’ on the 27th of last month in collaboration with BTS (BTS).
At McDonald’s COEX Mall in Seoul, McDonald’s crew wearing a “BTS uniform” engraved with Hangeul is offering “THE BTS Set” to customers.
The “THE BTS Set,” which is offered in a purple package that symbolizes BTS, consists of 10 pieces of McNuggets, French fries, drinks and sweet chili and Cajun sauce.
McDonald’s said it sells the “THE BTS Set” in 50 markets.
Yonhap News Agency

The popularity of McDonald’s “BTS (BTS) Set” has led to the temporary closure of McDonald’s stores in Indonesia.
Local media, including CNN and Indonesia, reported on the 10th (local time) that orders for BTS sets are flooding all over McDonald’s in Indonesia.
The BTS set, released in collaboration with BTS, was sold sequentially to 49 countries around the world, while Indonesia’s first release date was the previous day.
Local SNS continued to post images of customers and delivery drivers flocking to McDonald’s in each region.
At a McDonald’s store in Bogor, near the capital Jakarta, green-clad delivery drivers were reported to have flocked to the point where there was no time to step.

            BTS(BTS) 뷔

Meanwhile, local media outlets all said that some stores had to temporarily suspend operations due to excessive crowds trying to buy BTS sets.
At that time, more than 13 places, including Jakarta, were reportedly closed, and orders for delivery applications were blocked.
Concerns about the spread of Covid-19 have been raised as distancing has not been observed by unexpected large crowds.
“Of the six McDonald’s stores in Semarang, four will be temporarily closed for two days,” said Pazar Puruto, head of the Semarang City Public Order Agency.
“We don’t want to be a Corona-risk area again.
“Meanwhile, as BTS sets became popular around the world, there was a demand to buy even the packaging of the sets.
On eBay, an online auction site, articles selling BTS set wrappers, disposable cups, nuggets boxes and sauces were posted.
Instead of yellow, which represents McDonald’s, the wrapping paper is designed in purple, which symbolizes BTS.