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BTSジン、今年早々に軍入隊へ BTS Jin to enlist in the army as early as this year

The Korean Wave Festival, held by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister Park Yang-woo), the Korea Creative Content Agency (Director Kim Young-joon) and Naver (CEO Han Sung-sook), has ended to console Korean Wave fans tired of Corona 19.
On: Korean Wave Festival K-POP Concert is being performed by a dental band on that day.
Yonhap News Agency

Hallyu fans from all over the world exceeded 100 million for the first time ever.
It was analyzed that it went further in Asia and promoted in North America, including the U.
, and the Covid-19 Pandemic situation also contributed to the promotion of Hallyu fans.
According to the “2020 Global Hallyu Status” published by the Korea Foundation on the 14th, the number of Hallyu fans in 98 countries around the world increased by 5.
45 million compared to the previous year to 14777,808, the first time since the 2012 survey.
The figure is based on data from local Korean Wave clubs through diplomatic missions in 98 countries.
As individual fans who do not join the club are not counted, the population of the Korean Wave is far beyond the statistics.
The origin of the spread of the Korean Wave was the United States.
While Asia, which has been a hub of Hallyu, has declined, the number of Hallyu fans in the Americas has increased by about 365 million from the previous year to 15.
8 million.
In particular, the U.
increased by 660,000 compared to the previous year, making it the largest Hallyu power in North America with 6 million members.
The Korean Wave club in the U.
has grown from a small group level to a large organization with a systematic system with an average of 1 million members per club.
It seems that the Korean Wave has succeeded in settling down and entered the growth stage.
Analysts say that club activities based on size also contributed to Korean singer BTS’s reaching the top of the Billboard Hot 100 list last year.
This is because BTS clubs in the U.
have made efforts to analyze and strategically approach the aggregate ranking system to supplement the relatively insufficient number of radio broadcasts through music sales and streaming performance.

            CJ ENM announced on the 26th that 4.<br>4 million people watched "KCON: TACT Season 2," an online Hallyu culture festival held with the Korea Creative Content Agency.<br> The event was held on digital platforms such as YouTube, TVing, KT season, AIS, and smart communication for 10 days from the 16th to the 25th.<br> Photograph by K-CON: Tact Season 2.<br> Yonhap News

Some observers say that the Covid-19 Pandemic situation also contributed to the spread of the Korean Wave.
This is because the activities of 1,835 Korean Wave clubs around the world through online activities have been more organized and strategic.
K-pop clubs have been divided into four major activities.
▷Translation of song lyrics and lines into Korean ▷ Interpretation of music videos and lyrics, ▷ Reaction of various reactions consuming Korean Wave contents ▷ Cover Dance, which shows K-pop group’s costumes, dances and songs alike.
The World Association of Korean Wave analyzed, “This systematic movement has served as a cloud to easily overcome the ‘Korean language’, which has been the biggest barrier to Hallyu,” and added, “The active activities of Korean Wave clubs online in the non-face-to-face era amplify the fandom’s enthusiasm and give a strong sense of belonging.
“However, the number of clubs and the number of clubs in Asia has all fallen.
This is the first time since the 2012 survey.
In particular, in China, the number of members of the club decreased by about 10 million due to the Hanhanryeong (Korean territory).
Recently, there has been a stir in China, with large delivery companies refusing to ship BTS-related products, citing BTS’s remarks on the Korean War, “We must forever remember the history of hardships that the two countries suffered together and the sacrifices of many men and women.
“The Korea Foundation for International Exchange said, “Despite the remarkable achievements, effective measures are needed as the Korean Wave growth in Asia, where Korean Wave fans were biased toward Russia, and the overly commercial and sensational Korean Wave and blind Korean Wave fans are also observed.