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(1) Unlike the two articles above, this is the creation of unlimited websites according to one server specification.

 If you sign up through the link below, you will receive a free US $100 credit for one month.

In other words, for the first month, you can use the VPS service for free with a dime guide.

(2) Select Server Type

How to Make Unlimited Websites Affordable and Unlimited-3

Click + at the top right of the first screen. (Red Square – Deploy New Server)

(3) As shown in the figure below, select the server closest to your region for Cloud Computer and server location.

(4) Select server OS and cost by server specification.

-At first, it will follow the parentage, so just select it. I only Googled Ubuntu, so I don’t know other OS commands.

-Server cost is $5 / month, hourly cost, and you don’t have to waste money with high-end specifications that you won’t even use.

(5) As shown in the figure below, the domain you own and the server of vultr you are creating will be connected, so select IPv6 and enter the server name as wd-test.
(The server name can be modified later.)

(6) If you click Deploy Now at the bottom, it takes about 1-2 minutes to create the server.

This will install a clean server with Ubuntu installed in 25GB SSD space as shown in the above specifications.

(7) After downloading and installing putty program for server connection, enter the IP of the created server in the connection box of putty.

(IP in yellow is an example. Enter the IP of the created server.)

(8) Copy by clicking the eye icon as shown in the figure below,

When putty’s black prompt window pops up,

Enter ID as root,
The copied password is automatically copied by clicking the right mouse button.
And enter.

(9) Click the link below and install Cyber Panel in the order of explanation.

When inquiring about installing MySql in the middle-Do not install with No (or Enter ).

The reason is that after installing Cyber Panel, DB can be created.

There is a part to enter the password in the middle of the installation above, and that is the password to access the Cyber Panel. (ID is admin)

(10) After installation is complete, set the Firwall of Vultr to operate the Cyber Panel.

Click Firewall at the top of vultr and enter it exactly as in the text and image below.

(11) If you have completed step 10 above, it is normal when the login screen appears as shown below.

Enter the ID admin and the password you created during installation.

(12) For reference, this is 5 domains + hosting that I am running after installing Cyber Panel on one server and applying free SSL.


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