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How to clean with a lightweight mini vacuum cordless vacuum cleaner with good suction power


  • Cordless vacuum cleaners are light and convenient, so it is recommended to clean the house frequently.
  • The best way to keep the house tidy is to clean the corded vacuum cleaner 1-2 times a month and the cordless vacuum cleaner frequently whenever you see dust.


vaccum cleaner
vaccum cleaner

Feature of cordless vacuum cleaner

  • Since it is a cordless cordless vacuum cleaner, it is light and can be used frequently.
  • Since it is wireless, it is a rechargeable battery type, and the larger the battery capacity, the longer it can be used, but the heavier it is.

Convenience of cordless vacuum cleaner

  • It has lower suction power compared to wired, but there is no wire, so it does not get stuck on your feet when using it, and it can be stored neatly after use.
  • Recently, there are also hygienic models that can be washed with water after emptying the dust bin after cleaning as they have a built-in HEPA filter in the body.


Considerations when purchasing a cordless vacuum cleaner

  • The larger the number of AW marks on the vacuum cleaner, the better the suction power, and you can usually purchase it at 200 AW or more.
  • Purchase a filter with an E11 or higher model, and E11 or lower does not filter fine dust well.
  • In addition, it has a function to suck dust in the gaps between the floors, and it is recommended to purchase a model that can vacuum and clean with a wet mop.
  • Low center of gravity models with the motor, dustbin and battery centered on the bottom feel much lighter and are easier to clean.
  • For models that can display LCD on the back of the vacuum cleaner, it is better to select models that can display suction power, battery level and error.