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How to choose a USB hub with fast transfer speed and charging function is recommended

How to choose a USB hub with fast transfer speed and charging function is recommended

USB Hub is,

USB hub is item to increase the number of USB ports. It is common to connect to note PC with a little number of ports, and to use. When we connect many peripheral devices including USB memory external HDD mouse, we are useful.

USB Hub Type

There are mainly two types of USB hub terminal types: Type-C and Type-A. Type-C is adopted for MacBook and Surface series, and the feature is that it can be inserted regardless of the direction of the top and bottom.

Terminal form with high versatility that the other Type-A is used for by many apparatuses. It is equipped with home game consoles such as Switch, PS5, PS4. Let’s choose product of terminal form in accord with apparatus.

USB hub transfer speed

The transfer speed of the USB hub varies according to the supported USB standard. If you frequently handle large amounts of data, USB3.0, USB3.1 Gen1 or Gen2 compatible models are recommended. Gen1 is up to 5Gbps, Gen2 is 10Gbps high-speed data Transmission is possible.

When using peripheral devices such as keyboards and wireless mouse receivers, up to 480Mbps USB2.0 standard compatible models can be used without any problem.

USB Hub Charging

When we purchase USB hub, let’s check power feeding method well. Feeding method is two types of self power and bus power. Self power uses apparatus with high power consumption including external HDD stably to supply power from AC adapter I recommend it to anyone who wants to do it.

As one bus power feeds it from note PCs, there is no hassle to carry AC adapter. It is type that is recommended to person who carries around frequently and wants to use.

Tips for Buying a USB Hub

1. Charge-only ports are often marked in red.

2. Unpowered 4.5W USB hub may not be able to use 2 external hard drives (2.5W x 2 = 5W) at the same time. In this case, an external power supply is required for stable simultaneous use.

3. Since USB PD can supply up to 100W of power, it is comparable to DC adapters.

4. USB 3.1 10Gbps USB hub makes it difficult to use other devices when connecting a full HD@60Hz monitor 4Gbps + external SSD 5Gbps.

If it supports Thunderbolt 3/4 40Gbps, 4K dual monitor 16Gbps x 2 + gigabit wired LAN 1Gbps + external SSD 5Gbps is easy to use.

5. Newer laptops have a USB Type-C (Thunderbolt) port to charge the laptop or connect devices.

HOST simultaneous charging when looking for a product that can charge and expand the port at the same time

6. (Power) Pass-through, simultaneous charging, laptop charging, USB-PD charging, etc. are different for each manufacturer, but if you connect the (USB PD) laptop charger to the external power USB port of the USB hub, you can also charge the laptop while using the hub. method

7. For laptop charging products, it is recommended to use 12V~20V or 60W or more products.

When using a low voltage (V)/power (W) hub, the charging speed will be slow, and charging may not be possible.



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