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How to choose a CCTV that can monitor parents and children with disabilities

We share home CCTV recommendation rankings and information. Recently, I buy home cameras for crime prevention, children’s safety, and pets. The terminology is difficult and often not sure which product to buy.

Use of home CCTV home cam


  • When the child is at home alone
  • When checking the children at home in a dual-income household
  • When checking whether a sleeping baby or child is sleeping well
  • When living with pets
  •  in the office or business place
  • At the parents’ house who live separately


  • Installation in the yard of the house
  • Installed in the workplace
  • Installed in front of the front door
  • Installed in warehouse

How to install

  • After taking out the product, select a place to install it and connect the power cable.
  • If you purchased an SD card separately, insert it.
  • Install the app to create an account.
  • After connecting the camera and smartphone to Wi-Fi, check if the real-time streaming works well.
  • For recent home cameras, related settings and management can be done on a smartphone.
  • Each product is different, but the basic method is as above.


Buying Tips

  • Anti-Hacking – You must choose a product that is designed for security** so that your personal information is not compromised by hacking. Otherwise, someone might hack it and see it secretly.
  • Angle of View – Choose a product with a larger number of angles of view because the larger the angle of view, the wider the screen.
  • Field of View – A camera with a wider field of view captures more space with the left and right top and bottom field of view that the camera can shoot.
  • Resolution – The higher the resolution, the clearer it will look. A high resolution product is recommended as it will look scrambled if the resolution is low when magnified.
  • MOTION DETECTED – If there is movement in an empty house, it means that a stranger has entered. When it detects these movements, there is a feature that notifies you immediately on the homeowner’s mobile phone. Alarm sounds and warning lights come on at the same time as the user’s mobile phone notification, so you can safely respond to danger.
  • Two-way voice support – You can talk to your child at home and talk to your pet.
  • SD card – There is a way to save to the cloud, but usually the recorded video is saved to the SD card. The SD card is where the video is stored. Usually, it has to be purchased separately, and each camera has a different storage capacity up to how many GB, so you need to check it at the time of purchase.
  • If the supported capacity is large, you can store more images by purchasing an SD memory that matches the capacity, and you can keep the images for a longer period of time.

Also, if the SD card is full of video, you need to format it to record a new recording or if it is automatically deleted in the oldest order, you need to check in advance whether it is overwritten. Overwriting is less cumbersome and it is recommended to select a SD card with a large supported capacity.