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Headset or Bluetooth earphone, your choice?

Check the bluetooth earphone

Recommendation on how to buy Bluetooth earphones that do not feel foreign to the ears

Unlike regular headphones, the headset has a built-in microphone for voice chatting while gaming, and is also widely used for language learning.

There are various peripherals in gaming equipment, but the product that gives you an immersive feeling as if you are in the field and helps you enjoy a more realistic game is the โ€˜headsetโ€™.

There are a wide variety of products, from affordable 20,000 won headsets to wireless headsets that allow free movement, and headsets that provide vivid sound with 7.1 channels.

This time, we will mainly introduce gaming headset products, but since headsets are highly useful for language studies or remote classes, I think they will be helpful in many ways.


How to choose the right headset

7.1 channel is

  • With 7 speakers + 1 woofer, you can feel an excellent sense of presence and immersion, attracting attention as an important factor in choosing a PC headset.
  • If you are a battle ground user, a 7.1 channel product can be a good choice

headset microphone type

  • Detachable microphone: This is a product that can be detached from the microphone as needed.
  • Foldable: The microphone can be folded for storage when the headset is not in use
  • Flexible: The microphone can be freely bent to any angle or shape, and it is the most used type of microphone.
  • Retractable: When not in use, the microphone can be stored in the empty space inside the headset.
  • Built-in: The microphone is completely fixed to the headset and cannot be moved.



  • Vibration function: The headset vibrate function enhances the immersive gaming experience
  • LED light: It is a colorful LED that makes you feel good while gaming, but there is a disadvantage that you cannot see it when you wear it.
  • Noise Canceling: Accurate voice chat is possible when playing as a team by removing external noise.