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Below is an image taken by KBS broadcasting station in South Korea, visiting Fukushima Prefecture, where a nuclear explosion occurred.

Yoshihiko Sugii (Fukushima Clinic Doctor)
In general, the annual incidence of thyroid cancer in children is 3-4 out of 1 million children.
Fukushima’s children (age 0-18) are approximately 350,000.
After the Fukushima nuclear explosion, the number of thyroid cancer patients has increased by over 200 in six to seven years.

福島の子供たちは、(0歳 – 18歳)約35万人である。
福島原発の爆発事故以来、6 – 7年の間に甲状腺がん患者が200人以上増加した。

No patients are present in the area of the white ground, which is far from the nuclear explosion on the above map.


Pediatric Thyroid Cancer Screening Data
(2014 Japan Institute of Environmental Research)
661 people in Japan for 28 years (23 people out of 120 million per year)

Fukushima Prefecture 162 people for 7 years (23 million people a year)
That’s a 60 times increase.

The Japanese government, Fukushima Prefecture and the Medical Association have urged the doctor to stop cancer-related investigations / tests.

日本の全土28年の間に661人 (1億2千人のうち年間23人)

福島県の7年の間に162人 (200万人のうち年間23人)

Radioactive polluted soil left in elementary schools and nursery schools in Fukushima Prefecture. Originally stored for 3 years, but too many radioactive contaminants are unprocessable.

There are radioactive contaminated soils in various parts of the city, 60 kilometers from the nuclear power plant.

Fukushima Common Clinic is a clinic established by a doctor named Yoshihiko Sugi for workers and residents who work in the environment after the nuclear explosion.
He also attends free lectures on the dangers of radiation exposure, and announces the dangerous situation in Fukushima.
As described above, the incidence of thyroid cancer in children is 3-4 out of 1 million, and Fukushima prefecture is 1 in 4,500.
Too bad, the Japanese government is pushing to stop the prosecutor itself, and doctors are appealing to media outlets, saying concealment is nonsense.
However, it has been criticized by many Japanese media and Japanese people in other regions for “why promote a sense of crisis.”


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