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BTS Jimin

BTS Dance experts are praising Jimin as an “artistic muse” that inspires pure dancers.
Yamakai, a Japanese ballet dancer working in the U.
, posted an analysis of Jimin’s contemporary dance stage on his YouTube channel on the 31st of last month.
Yamakai said in a behind-the-scenes video of Jimin’s solo dance in the Black Swan music video, “It’s very important to make it look easy,” referring to Jimin’s expression, a theater store that attracts audiences to ecstasy.
Especially, rolling on the floor seems simple, but it's very difficult,'' he said.<br>You can see that Jimin is a talented modern dancer.
There are no faults,’ he praised.
I know it's something that the person holding the bottom has to be strong, but the person lifting it has to hold all the muscles in one position,'' Jimin said at the 2020 Melon Music Awards, surprising the difficulty of controlling the entire body, including the core, blunt and chest muscles.<br>The 2019 Melon Music Awards modern dance solo, which excited the world, then paid attention to Jimin's spirit of challenge for a high-quality stage, saying, "It is difficult to handle flying cloth and even experts are reluctant to do it on stage.<br>""The moment is so fast and amazing.<br> "Core strength, knee strength, and ankle strength are essential for kneeling turns," he said.<br> "We can move after infinite efforts.<br>""Jimin has both the static beauty of ballet and the dynamics of K-pop dance without any sense of incompatibility.<br>" This kind of person is very rare.<br> In particular, the last facial expression is possible only when you're an idol,' she said.<br> "It's not just dance, it's dance art.<br> It's amazing that idols can do this.<br> There is no disadvantage.<br> You're good at everything,' he added.<br>Even if we do ballet or modern dance together, we can do it.
Lee Do-ryu (one of the Japanese swordsmanship techniques to do two things at the same time) is becoming one of two things at the same time,” he said, expressing admiration for Jimin’s natural talent.
Lastly, he said, The world's public is watching Jimin's dance, and it's so beautiful.<br> It is great that men can do such dances,' he added, adding that he is proud of Jimin's absolute influence on the world as a professional dancer.<br>As a result, foreign media such as the U.<br>S.<br> K-pop media Allkpop and Indonesian media Grid BTS Jimin is art.
In addition to her singing skills, she is also known for her beautiful dancing,’ she said.