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Criteria for Buying the Best Desktop Computers and Laptops for You

Criteria for Buying the Best Desktop Computers and Laptops for You

When it comes to choosing a desktop computer or laptop, it can sometimes be difficult to decide which make and model to choose.
How much should I pay to purchase, etc.

We do not necessarily buy famous and expensive laptops, but we will show you the criteria for choosing reasonable desktops and laptops as follows.

Intended use

For office use – simple web surfing, online lectures, office work, document work such as Word / PowerPoint Excel
For design / video editing – photoshop, illustrator and video editing program
Gaming – High-end online games

Criteria that influence performance

CPU: Central processing unit
RAM: memory
SSD/HDD: storage space


The CPU is responsible for the computer’s brain
In other words, when our body and brain are injured, the human body’s actions become difficult, so the CPU is one of the biggest elements in the component composition.
It has the biggest impact on speed, and the better the CPU, the faster the computer operates.
The most famous companies for CPUs are Intel and AMD.
Model names are largely divided into grades and generations.


Intel Core i5-1135G7
i5 : grade
11: generation
35 : performance
G7 : Specification

i3 < i5 < i7 < i9
Higher ratings indicate higher performance.
K overclock only
HQ high-end quad-core
H PC class high power laptop
U low power (relatively low performance)
Y ultra-low power (lower performance than U series)
G4 Integrated Graphics Mid-Range
G7 integrated graphics top tier
– Models with a U at the end are low-power models, mainly slim laptops, and are optimal for simple document work.
– For high-performance games, it is better to avoid U and purchase products with letters such as K. HQ, H.



Ryzen 5 – 4500U
5: grade
4: generation
500 : performance
U: Specification

3 < 5 < 7 < 9
Like Intel, the higher the number, the better the performance.
X high performance (overclocked)
H High Performance (High Power) – Gaming
HS high performance (medium power)
U Low Power – For Office/Documentation
G With integrated graphics

– Both Intel and AMD generally perform differently depending on the number and alphabet after the rating.
The higher the number on the back, the better the performance.


About the core and the clock in GHz.

The number of clocks is the processing speed of the CPU, and the number of cores is the number of processing units.
The higher the number, the better the CPU performance.
If you think of the CPU as mart, the number of clocks as workers, and cores as the number of counters, you will understand it quickly.
For example, a 2.4GHz octa-core has eight checkouts that can do as much as 2.4.
If you mainly play video editing or high-end package games that are popular these days, you should choose a CPU with a certain number of cores using multiple cores.
For those who do light tasks such as editing simple documents or watching videos, you can use a product with a reasonable number of cores and clocks of i5 10th generation or higher.
It is recommended that you choose the two most recent generations. Because when a new CPU comes out, the old model is discontinued.


It’s easy to understand when you think about how many tasks can be done at the same time.
Therefore, no matter how good the CPU is, if the RAM (memory) runs out, it can be a bit cumbersome when performing multiple tasks at the same time.
As of the current standard, 8GB of RAM is required for smooth use of the computer.
Personally, if you have a lot of work centered on multitasking, I recommend upgrading to 16GB.
If you work with many windows open at once, the larger the RAM, the better.
The more RAM, the better.

HDD ( or SSD )

Literally, how much data can be stored.
256 GB as the current base,
512 GB or more is recommended if you want to use it comfortably while saving games or videos.
Fast read/write
It is relatively expensive compared to HDD.

Slow read/write
The SSD is new and the HDD is old.

SSDs are all advantages except for the disadvantage that they are practically expensive.
As a tip for those who are burdened with the price of SSD, it is reasonable to purchase a relatively inexpensive SSD product with a small capacity and purchase an additional external hard drive.


You can purchase it after considering the panel and resolution.

Panels can be divided into TN with good price competitiveness and IPS with high resolution.

TN panel: mass-produced, low-cost, low-resolution, mainly used for entry-level laptops
IPS: Wide viewing angle and good color gamut, used in high-end laptops and monitors

I recommend an IPS panel, and an entry-level IPS panel is sufficient for general use, and a high-end IPS panel is for professionals.
Resolution is defined as the number of horizontal pixels (pixels) multiplied by the number of vertical pixels (pixels). The higher the resolution, the better.
Even if the screen is the same inch, the supported resolution may be different for each brand and product model, so please check it.
For the tip, we recommend a high resolution for small inches.

Laptop weight

Products weighing more than 1.6 kg are relatively heavy. If you are a person with a lot of mobility, personally, 1.3kg or less is fine.
laptop graphics card
The most commonly used graphics card is NVIDIA.
The built-in graphics are sufficient for light tasks such as watching videos or working with documents, but for games or graphics work, it is recommended to purchase a card with a slightly higher grade of GeForce 1060 or higher.
As a buying tip, you can use the recommended specifications for your main game or work as a guide.
laptop battery
For business trips or frequent use outside, a large battery capacity is recommended. You can purchase it based on 40wh or more.
Whether os, office, etc. including laptop operating system
The price varies from $100 to $300 or more with or without an operating system.
If you are a college student, these days, the school itself often provides educational Windows and Office, so you can benefit from research and purchase in advance.



the most important point is,

First, choose a laptop that suits the purpose you plan to use it for.
Second, choose a laptop that fits your purpose and price.
Third, read the options carefully before purchasing.

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