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In winter, the skin is often dry due to cold and dry weather. The scalp also loses its oil and moisture balance, causing slack and dandruff. Hair breaks off easily if it does not hold adequate moisture. Contaminants, such as dead skin cells and fine dust, clog the pores and reduce the activity of hair follicle cells, causing hair to fall out. Cold shrinks capillaries in the scalp, reducing oxygen and nutrients to the hair. Because of this, a lot of sudden hair loss or hair loss symptoms are a lot of trouble.

◇ Hair loss increases in the 20s due to lifestyle changes and increased stress = hair protects the scalp from sunlight and has a modest effect on appearance and first impression. It has a growth cycle of growing, degenerating, resting, and developing periods, and the hair entering the resting period usually loses 60 to 80 hairs per day. In normal people, the new hair grows, but there is no big difference in the total number of hairs.
If you lose more hair than new hair, hair loss progresses gradually. The number of falls depends on the season, age, and health condition. If you lose more than 100 hairs a day, you should suspect hair loss.
Hair loss is most severe in autumn and increases with age. In dry, large winters, the amount of sunshine is also reduced, which temporarily increases the release of male hormones (testosterone) to promote masculine hair loss. Increased testosterone increases the conversion to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which causes hair loss, → increases the production of proteins (TGF-beta, BMP, DKK-1) that induce hair follicle suicide → decreases the number of hair root cells → thins hair and causes hair loss May cause progress and deterioration.

Dermatology professor at Daejeon University Eulji University Hospital said, “Recently, the symptoms of hair loss often appear from the late 20s due to changes in diet and lifestyle patterns and increased stress.” It may be a good idea to go to a hospital and get a test. ”

 ◇ If possible, stop smoking, dye, perm, gel and wax. To reduce hair loss, it is important to discard or reduce unhealthy lifestyles, and practice helpful lifestyles. Smoking is a good way to stop smoking because it can lead to poor blood flow that feeds oxygen and nutrients to your scalp.
Prof. Lee said, “Dyeing and perm damage hair and scalp, so people who have signs of hair loss should be careful.” If you use a lot of hair products such as gel and wax, it prevents pores and causes keratin. I need to use it. ”
Trying to get less stress, getting enough rest, regular sleep and eating habits, and even nutrition are important. Professor Lee said, “Protein-rich beans, egg yolks and milk can help prevent hair loss. Vitamin C and water rich in tangerines are known to be beneficial to the scalp health by helping hair grow and reducing free radicals. ”

Yuri Catholic University, Incheon St. Mary’s Hospital dermatology professor said, “Oiled foods and instant foods can cause hair loss.” “It’s good to enjoy eating seaweed, nuts, and cereals.”

If you wear a hat for a long time, you can protect your scalp from fine dust and cold and keep moisture. However, be careful not to wear too tight a cap because it can cause poor air circulation and irritate your skin and cause more hair to fall out. Some people don’t realize that if you wash your hair, you lose more hair. It is good to wind once a day for cleanliness. If you wash your hair in the morning, the oil will be washed away and your scalp may be damaged by UV rays in your daily life. So, use shampoo without surfactants in the evening. When you dry your hair, do not rub your hair with a towel. After shampooing, dry with natural wind or cold wind of dryer.

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