Companies that once crippled the US electronics distribution industry, such as Circuit City, Radio Shack, and HH Gregg, disappeared. Share prices were halved by a huge online retailer called Amazon, which had to endure bankruptcy and shut down. But ‘Best Buy’ survived. Even steady sales growth. Best Buy is the […]

TF started “220 domestic chemicals and chemicals, domestic and third country” Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong visits Samsung Electronics Onyang Campus in Asan, Chungcheongnam-do on the 6th, and is checking the site with Kim Ki-nam, Vice Chairman of DS Division, Vice President of TSP Paik, and Kyo-Young Jin. Provided […]

Fukushima has emerged as an “Achilles heel” of the Tokyo Summer Olympics, which has been around for a year. There is a growing likelihood that international organizations will raise questions about the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee’s decision to provide agricultural and marine products from Fukushima to Olympic athletes. The Fukushima […]

Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix are considering a plan to gradually reduce NAND flash production starting this month. In the midst of a surge in inventories due to the semiconductor recession, the Japanese government chose to regulate the export of core materials. According to the semiconductor industry on September 9, […]