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BTS SUGA, Recovered form COVID “There were no symptoms during quarantine”



SUGA, a member of KPOP group BTS, has been confirmed to be completely cured of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19).

 On January 3rd, the affiliated office BIG HIT MUSIC said, “SUGA was released from quarantine from 12:00 noon today because it was confirmed to be completely cured of the coronavirus” through the fan community platform ‘Weverse’.

 “SUGA, who had been treated at home for 10 days from December 24th, was able to carry out daily activities from 12:00 noon today due to the measures to release the isolation.”

 “SUGA has not special symptoms of health during the isolation period. He is recovering while taking a rest now. “

 SUGA received a definitive diagnosis of coronavirus on December 24, 2021. SUGA who returned to South Korea on December 23 after she finished her concert in the United States, had a negative PCR (gene amplification) test before leaving. And he returned to South Korea and received a PCR at a health center. The test result was positive.

 SUGA reportedly had a breakthrough infection at the end of August 2021, despite completing his second vaccination.

On December 25, 2021. BTS leader RM and member JIN received a coronavirus confirmation decision in addition to SUGA. RM returned from the United States on the 17th and Jin returned from the United States on the 6th.

 BTS is currently on its second official long vacation and plans to hold a face-to-face concert in Seoul in March 2022.