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BTSジン、今年早々に軍入隊へ BTS Jin to enlist in the army as early as this year

BTS’s 4th album’Map of the Soul: 7’became the most sold real album in the United States last year.

According to the ‘2020 American Music Market Year-end Financial Report’ jointly released by Billboard in the US and MRC Data, a record sales volume research firm on the 7th,’Map of the Soul: 7’sold 646,000 copies only as real albums in the US last year.

It ranked first in the sales volume of real albums last year. This album, released by BTS in February of last year, reached the top on the Billboard main album chart’Billboard 200′ in the first week of its release.

The album sales, including both physical and digital sales, totaled 670,000 copies, ranking second after American pop star Taylor Swift’s’Folklore’ (1276,000 copies).

In addition, BTS ranked 5th in the sales ranking of real albums in the United States last year, excluding digital,’BE’ (252,000 copies). BTS’s mini-album released in November of last year also topped the Billboard 200.

In the ranking of the total album sales of last year, BTS ranked second after Swift. BTS sold a total of 1.54 million albums in the US alone last year. Swift sold 1.94 million copies.

In addition,’Dynamite’, which was released as a digital single by BTS in August last year, was recorded as the most sold sound source in the United States last year.

With 1.26 million sales, it was the only one to surpass 1 million last year. The second place, Weekend’Blinding Lights’, was 580,000.

Among K-pop teams other than BTS, the group’NCT 127′ performed well in album sales in the United States. ‘N-City #127 Neo Zone’, which they released last year, ranked 6th in the sales volume of real albums with a sales volume of 249,000 copies.

The’Year-end Financial Report’ is an analysis of music-related numbers and trends, such as real albums, digital downloads, and streaming, which MRC data sold in the US from January 3 to December 31 last year.