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A total of 993,000 people watched the group BTS’s paid online concert “BTS Map of the Soul One” held from the 10th to 11th, its agency Big Hit Entertainment said on the 12th.
The photo shows BTS performing an online concert.
Yonhap News Agency

BTS (BTS) won the Top Social Artist Award for the fourth consecutive year at the “2020 Billboard Music Awards” held in Los Angeles on the 15th (local time).
Their new song “Diamite” is still ranked at the top of the list following the main chart “HOT 100” on Billboard, which is known as the barometer of the world music industry.
In addition to BTS, girl group BLACKPINK is also doing well in the U.
market through collaboration with Lady Gaga and Cardi B.
At this moment when not only Korean singers’ songs are played in major cities around the world, but also Korean singer’s cover dance by foreign fans has become a daily routine, it can be described as the era of the forefront of Korean pop music.
To find out the topic of Korean pop songs (K-POP), Maeil Newspaper and big data analysis company “The IMC” analyzed the thoughts of domestic and foreign Internet users with big data.
With the keywords “K-POP” and “K-Pop,” a total of 28,140 data were collected from September 7, 2016 to last month 6, and from July 7 to last month, domestic data were collected.
The data collection and analysis tools used The IM’s ‘Txtom’.
 ◆ The world is listening to K-POP news

            Graph of the search quantity of keyword 'K-POP' by overseas Internet users.<br> It has been continuously moving upward since 2016.<br> Provided by The IMC

Interest in K-POP has been steadily increasing over the past four years.
All over the world, K-POP is not limited to popular culture such as comeback news and songs of popular groups, but is gradually drawing attention in various fields such as society and politics, and its ripple effect is growing.
The number of searches has skyrocketed around December 2017.
It is sad news, but it is analyzed that on December 24th of that year, the obituary of the late leader of SHINee, Jonghyun, attracted the attention of foreign netizens and foreign media.
At that time, major foreign media such as the New York Times and the BBC also shed light on the pressure and harsh schedules of K-pop idols.
From June 14 to June 21, interest in K-POP peaked.
This has been identified as an issue related to the political participation of overseas K-pop fandom represented by BTS’s fan club ARMY.
They actively participated in the U.
presidential election and the issue of black human rights, and the Washington Post called it the “K-POP Revolution.

            The top 10 countries with high K-POP search rates among countries.<br> Provided by The IMC

When I extracted the amount of K-POP searches by country through Google Trend, Southeast Asian countries with relatively high interest in K-POP were at the top.
Starting with Brunei, Myanmar, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Cambodia were ranked in the list.
The 9th place was Kyrgyzstan, the Central Asian country, and the 10th place was Bolivia, which is also famous for the Uyuni Desert.
This data is a country with a high K-POP search rate compared to all search terms in the country, which does not mean that there is a lot of absolute search for Korean pop songs.
◆ BTS이요? It’s a representative K-pop group.

            Word Cloud is the main search keyword for 'K-POP'.<br> Provided by The IMC

The main search keyword for ‘K-POP’ analyzed by big data was BTS.
When I compared the data with WordCloud, they were at the center.
BTS, one of the many K-pop groups, has already emerged as a representative icon of Korea’s pop music industry.
As the status of K-pop has increased, the activities of Korean idol singers are not limited to Korea.
In search terms, keywords such as “global,” “hallyu,” “USA,” “Japan” and “China” were also exposed, so Internet users are aware that K-POP is no longer limited to Korea.
Keywords such as music videos, performances, new songs, movies, dramas, or YouTube and Twitter keywords, which are platforms where you can enjoy content online, are also featured.
This year, due to the spread of Corona 19, K-pop idols had difficulties in overseas activities in the first half of 2020, so the Corona keyword also appears.
◆ BTS is a hot topic for every move.

            A KTX train with a full-page advertisement of BTS member Jungkook, who stopped at the platform in Dongdaegu Station.<br> The advertisement was requested by Jungkook's Chinese fan club through KORAIL Distribution, a subsidiary of KORAIL, in the middle of last month, and there were many arguments within KORAIL over the acceptance of the advertisement, but they accepted the request based on the judgment that it could pioneer a new advertising market and help the Korean Wave.<br> The train, with words and pictures celebrating Jungkook's birthday in all 388 meters from the engine room in front of KTX to the engine room in the back, will be put into the Seoul-Busan route considering that it is Jungkook's hometown of Busan.<br> Maeil Newspaper DB

If we summarize the responses of domestic and foreign Internet users to BTS, which is at the center of K-POP, it is summarized into four main discussions.
▷ Their new song Dynamite topped the U.
Billboard Hot100 ▷ Military Service Special Issue ▷ A cheering message for them ▷ K-POP fandom’s interference with Trump’s campaign and influence in U.
Especially, the discourse on military service exception has become a hot potato recently.
There is a growing voice that if a sports athlete performs well in international competitions such as the World Cup, he should also give military service to BTS, who has promoted national prestige with popular culture.
Controversy is growing in political circles as there are also many opposition opinions that it is against equity over military service obligations.
Uniquely, their influence on politics is global.
The recent diplomatic conflict between South Korea, the U.
, and China has spread to a rift.
BTS’s acceptance speech, which won the “Vanfleet Award” to Koreans and Americans who have contributed to promoting friendly relations between South Korea and the U.
, has come under fire.
“This year is especially meaningful as it marks the 70th anniversary of the Korean War,” leader RM said.
“We must forever remember the history of hardship that the two countries (South Korea and the U.
) have experienced together and the sacrifices of countless men and women.
“China’s state-run media, Global Times, criticized BTS’ remarks as ignoring the sacrifices of Chinese soldiers in the Korean War in China and later deleted them as “biased remarks tailored only to the U.
“On the other hand, foreign media, including the New York Times (NYT), defended the remarks, saying, “It was an innocuous remark from a boy group well known for its inclusion.
” The conflict was so powerful that South Korea, China’s Foreign Ministry, and the U.
State Department even took part in the conflict to cover the BTS and distinguish between the two sides.
Whenever we hear good news such as BTS’s record breaking and winning Billboard, the government has been actively praising and supporting them for their hard work.
Moon Jae-in and the president without Bangtan Boys’s performance that only a spoon on what each has gotten criticism.
Maybe that’s why I can see the keyword ‘spoon’.
It seems more desirable to celebrate and cheer purely as the same people, not as the status of K-POP in the world and as a propaganda tool of politicians.

            Category of Internet discourse on BTS.<br> Provided by The IMC