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BTS V from Run BTS.

            Photo.<br> BTS V from Run BTS.<br>

BTS V disarmed fans around the world with his loveliness in “Run BTS.
” On the 2nd, BTS released the 127th episode of the entertainment program “Run BTS,” “777 Lucky Seven 2” through Naver V LIVE and Weverse.
Following last week’s broadcast, the BTS members’ laughter at work was also depicted.
V, who had a baby perm hairstyle, stole the hearts of his fans with his extreme loveliness.
V appeared with a comment, “I’ve tried rolling that hoop.
” It was a mission to go through the track with a hoop and come back with a hula hoop.
The hoop game, which was really “only seen by rolling,” was harder than expected, but V eventually succeeded with his innate sense and practice.
It was close when he came back to the track with a hula hoop, but he finished the race with a happy smile to the members and fans.
In the last mission of “Flying the Bottle Cap,” the members gathered in one place, and to worried J-Hope, V made fans who watched with a friendly comment, “Hyung, Yoongi-hyung did it at once, too.
In this final mission, which is successful only when an empty bottle is placed side by side and the bottle cap underneath is blown, V excited fans with his neat fingers and sweaty perm hair that raised the bottle.
V, who succeeded in flying the bottle cap, headed to the reception room where the members were waiting, and suddenly lost to RM’s rock-paper-scissors.
The member who changed the rule and won the rock-paper-scissors left work, and the last remaining member was to make “BTS” or “777” 90 dominoes and then collapse them at once to leave.
In the end, V has to make a domino to go home.
Fans cheered deeply for V, who sat calmly and made dominoes despite the embarrassing situation.
The production team offered Mukjjibba to V, who remained until the end, so V was able to leave work excitedly.
Fans said, “V is so lovely throughout the show,” and “They fought well until the end.
” Taehyung is in last place.
I’m so happy to see his face a lot.
” Taehyung never gets excited even if the game doesn’t work out.
That personality on that face? It’s a character that’s not real.
” “Pump hair is so cute, but it’s hot in sweat.
“My heart is racing,” he said.