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Photo by Samsung Mobile / BTS V

BTS (BTS) V is drawing attention by showing the capabilities of its outstanding advertising model.
On the 2nd, Samsung Mobile released a photo shoot of BTS’s unit promotion, which is active as a model.
In the unit pictorial released, V showed enough sense as an advertising model with attractive eyes and beautiful visuals to overwhelm the eyes.
V’s eyes staring at the camera in a chic black suit were so fascinating that they were caught by the eye as soon as they saw it and made V fall for it.
In particular, V’s facial features that show off his beauty added to the viewers’ admiration.
V’s face drew admiration as if the statue were alive, as well as his nose and deep eyes were added to the extent that the shade were cast.
In another unit photo shoot, V’s sensuous pose was also praised.
Considering the black-colored clothes, V showed a sense of placing silver cell phones so that the product was not covered.
Fans who have seen unit photoshoots say, “V is the best, with commercials, fashion photoshoots, and album jackets all transforming into situations,” “Advertiser’s satisfaction seems to be the best,” and “and cell phone location selection.
” “V seems to be a genius.
” “V is falling in love with his eyes.
” He showed various reactions such as “a black hole-like look” and “a great photo shoot without forgetting the purpose of advertising.