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Artist’s Muse BTS V has been reborn as the main character in graffiti murals.
Graffiti Artist Widget (WEZT) on the 9th.
ONE) released V’s graffiti studio on its official YouTube channel.
The graffiti, which was spray-finished on the walls of the abandoned factory for five hours, carried the face of the handsome sculpture V, completing a colorful visual mural.
Graffiti, which started with street culture in the 1970s and grew into an “art of the street,” has become a “hot” art genre heating up the auction market.
Wizet participated in Samsung Notebook and Tivoli car commercials as the winner of the 2019 Asian graffiti competition, and BTS has worked with the fan community platform “Weverse” as the background screen for the poster of “BTS Cinema.
“He said, “I was worried that the painting would become strange and create an anti-fear,” showing his sincerity in every single feature of V.
In front of the finished painting, he expressed satisfaction and regret over the work, saying, “I want to take it off and take it away,” and “It’s a waste because the wall will disappear someday.
“V has been considered an inspirational muse for many artists for his colorful visuals and natural model talent.
Artist Kildron, who is leading the K-pop portrait craze on Instagram, frequently appears in V’s portraits with the value of “balance between popularity and workmanship.
” In Kildron’s work, which calls his paintings “Visual Music,” V has received the most “likes” of his account every year, receiving explosive love from Instagram users around the world.
Not long ago, V’s portrait, which was completed with layers of Korean consonants and vowels, was displayed with John Lennon of the Beatles and Freddie Mercury of Queen at the artist Shin Sang-chul’s “Memory Layer” exhibition, making headlines.
In addition, V has been loved as a “global muse” by artists in various fields, including painters Alejandro Vizilante, Lee.
k (leekilust), puppeteer Kim Tae-ki, photographer Hong Jang-hyun, and Sam Damasek, as well as composers and film directors, and “V is a real discovery by overseas media.
” Who doesn’t want to include such beauty in his work?”