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BTS (BTS) V shot ARMY’s hearts with an instant cover of Justin Bieber’s new song “Holy.
” BTS appeared on “WIB (Waktu Indonesia Belanja) TV Show” by Tokopedia, Indonesia’s largest e-commerce company, on the 28th to showcase the BTS Q&A corner.
V asked the members, “Who is the artist I was most inspired by?” V’s stern “ddaeng” in response to the answer that he was the head of Big Hit, Bang Si-hyuk, made the members laugh out loud.
Top Atis, V’s role models as trainees, such as Kurt Cobain and John Legend, were mentioned, but the answer was pop star Justin Bieber.
“My role model is just a name, and I just like him,” V said.
“I have a spirit of challenge to the shining aura of many artists,” he said, adding that he likes Justin Bieber’s new song “Holy.
” When the members asked V to sing, V immediately performed a short cover song without music.
V’s “Holy,” which sounded like a heart-stopping sweet look and honey voice, has drawn enthusiastic responses from fans around the world.
After the broadcast on the same day, “V-Singer” appeared in the TOP 5 with a sudden rise topic related to “Tokopedia,” proving the worldwide interest poured on V.
The US entertainment media Elite Daily said, “V sang Justin Bieber’s “Holy” and put ARMY in ecstasy,” adding that it was a short cover, but it was impressive enough to draw admiration from the members.
“Impressed by V’s angelic vocals, ARMYs hope that V will upload cover songs of the entire song someday,” he added.
Earlier, V covered Bieber’s songs such as “One Less Lonely Girl,” “Sorry” and “where Are U Now,” and Adele’s “Someone Like You,” which V covered, is loved by surpassing 30 million streams in the soundcloud.