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BTS (BTS) V has captivated Indonesia with his unique colorful visuals and loveliness.
On the 18th, BTS appeared in a video that heralded the appearance of “WIB (Waktu Indonesia Belanja) TV Show” by Indonesia’s largest e-commerce company “Tocopedia.
“The members said they’ll be back with a great performance on January 25th.
V said, “Did you miss us?”It received an explosive response with a lovely Indonesian comment.
After the video was released, “KALIAN KANGEN KITA ENGGAK,” V’s comment, ranked third in the Indonesian real-time trend (hereinafter, the real-time trend), and also appeared on the world wide real-time trend, proving its hot topic.
Indonesian fans started complaining about “V-Hurt” saying that V’s comments lingered in their heads all day, just like the song prohibited from the CSAT, and the official account of “Tocopedia” also joined.
“Tocopedia” ignited the explosive heat that V brought by posting various memes (funny memes) and pictures of V showing the status of Indonesian fans who could not get out of V’s comments.
BTS has been working as a goodwill ambassador for “Tocopedia” since October 2019 and has appeared in various advertisements and broadcast interviews, which V said in the 2019 ad teaser video, also ranked No.
1 in Indonesian real-time, marking V’s huge popularity.
V was recently selected as the “Five Attractive Handsome Stars of 2020” by Indonesian fashion and entertainment magazine Her World, and showed off the dignity of the global attractive man as the only Asian star along with Hollywood handsome stars Chris Hamsworth, Tom Holland, Louis Partridge and One Direction’s Harry Styles.