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On the 30th of last month, BTS V’s largest fan club “CHINA Baidu Vbar” distributed “TaeTae (V’s nickname) Game,” which developed the latest popular game in China as a V version, free of charge through SNS to mark the second anniversary of V’s solo song “Scenery.
” This special game, which is designed to randomly drop V’s picture in a circle, creates a new bigger picture when it hits the same picture.
From V’s cute baby pictures to V wearing a sunflower model, V wearing mint hair, red hair, and a lovely expression such as steamed bun, all of which are made up of pictures with memories from fans, drawing more attention.
Viva’s “TaeTae Game” is loved by global fans as soon as it is distributed, giving them the pleasure of killing two birds with one stone while watching V’s various appearances while playing the game.
Foreign media “koreaboo” and “allkpop” rushed to say that if you start the game, you can’t stop it, and even those who don’t enjoy it will fall in love with it.
Viva, who captured the hearts of fans with his super-special love for V, has been receiving enthusiastic responses with all-time records every support.
Earlier, on the occasion of V’s birthday last year (December 30), Viva announced its debut around the world by holding an all-time birthday support that embodies the world’s tallest Dubai “Burz Khalifa” with more than KRW 1.
2 billion in birthday fundraising.
Fans say, “As expected, the prince of the continent! “TaeTae Game”, “Can’t stop Bubba’s true love”, “There’s no Chinese activities, and even the best support and fan service.
Taehyung’s love”.
“Wow, this game is really addictive.
“As if V were addicted to it,” he said.
“The game is so cute and lovely like V.