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▲ BTS V (Big Hit Entertainment)

            ▲ Japan's K-pop idol ranking website "Neehan"

BTS V ranked No.
1 in popularity on Japan’s K-pop idol ranking website “Neehan.
” Nehan is a Hallyu website that provides the popularity ranking of Korean idols, and has recently been gaining popularity along with Rain, a website that delivers weekly popularity rankings and drama information for Korean actors.
As of the 4th, V received a total of 4,593 votes, the only one to surpass 4,000 votes, ranking first in the overall idol ranking.
He also made it to the top 10 on the popular Korean actor ranking website “Bi-han.
” On the other hand, KBS drama “Hwarang” in 2017, it is still loved by Korean Wave drama fans, leaving a strong impression on the minds of them.
Japan is called “TaeTae Land” and along with China, V is one of the most popular countries in various indicators.
V ranked fifth, the highest among foreign artists, in the “Celebrity Ranking” of the Japanese Twipple Trend, which was settled in 2020.
From first to fourth, popular Japanese groups appeared, and as an individual, V beat Japanese celebrities and ranked the highest.
In addition, his self-composed song “Sweet Night” topped the Japanese iTunes Top Song Chart, and V has the first K-pop solo artist record to reach the top of the Japanese iTunes Top Song Chart with his Korean release.
In Japan, where it is customary to release an album in Japanese and promote it there, V is the first Korean solo artist to top the iTunes Top Song Chart.
Biglobe, a Japanese portal site, highlighted V’s success by reporting that “Sweet Night” is making history as a solo song due to its phenomenal popularity.