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The group BTS (BTS) releases the album’BE’ last year in a new version.

The agency Big Hit Entertainment announced on the 25th that the new version of the album,’Essential Edition’, will be released on the 19th of next month.

The agency explained that it is an album that BTS will present as a reward to fans who shared the new history of being nominated for the 63rd Grammy Awards and No.
1 on the Billboard main single chart’Hot 100′.

Including the title song’Life Goes On’,’How to Travel My Room’,’Blue & Gray’,’Skip’,’Pause’,’Bottle’,’Stay’,’Dynamite’, etc.
The eight songs from the released’BE’ are recorded as they are.

Some components of the album are contained differently than before.
Prior to the release of the album, BTS will also release special gifts prepared for fans in sequence.

‘BE’, which was released under the name of’Deluxe Edition’ in November last year, is an album created based on the honest feelings BTS felt in the pandemic situation of the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19).

From the album planning stage, a member in charge of each field was selected and actively participated in lyrics and composition, album design and composition, concept photos, and music videos.

In the first week of its release, it topped the Billboard’s main album chart,’Billboard 200′, and the title song’Life Go’s On’ topped the’Hot 100′ for the first time in Korean lyrics.