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BTS Jimin

All solo songs, including the shortest 20 million streaming of BTS Jimin’s self-written song “Christmas Love,” continue to record unrivaled records in official YouTube audio videos.
Jimin’s “Christmas Love,” which has a new record of 10 million in the shortest period of Korean YouTube audio video in 2020, surpassed 20 million views again on the 14th, the fastest among Korean solo singers.
This is the shortest record for Korean YouTube audio videos, and “Christmas Love” is writing a colorful history with its hot popularity, not limited to the season.
In addition, Jimin’s solo song “Filter” from BTS’s fourth full-length album “Map of the Soul:7” surpassed 45 million views of YouTube audio videos on the same day.
“LOVE YOURSELF £ Answer” Jimin’s solo song “Serendipity: FLE” is also gaining huge popularity, exceeding 16 million views as of the 13th, and Jimin is also evaluating YouTube audio videos from his own songs to solo songs.
In addition, the first 100 million-view monumental song “Serendipity” in the BTS comeback trailer music video surpassed 146 million views as of the 14th, proving the popularity of a masterpiece that does not cool down over time with 200 million streaming for the first time in a Korean male solo.
Jimin evokes the excitement of Christmas through various solo songs, becomes a “Genie” of fans with fascinating tones and vocals, and sometimes becomes a little prince who meets like coincidental luck, constantly fascinating fans and enjoys strong popularity as a solo artist.