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BTS Jimin

On the 12th, MBC’s “2021 Lunar New Year Special Idol Star Championship: Legend” special that sheds light on the performance of the Hall of Fame (hereinafter referred to as “Idol Star Athletics Championship”).
In particular, attention was focused on Jimin’s amazing performance as the first runner at the time of achieving three consecutive wins in the men’s 400M relay from 2015 to 2016.
Jeon Hyunmoo, who was the MC, said, “Jimin was fast.
“It was too fast,” he said.
“I was watching the situation vividly.
” BTS’s strategy has always been to make Jimin the front-runner.
“The most impressive thing for me was Jimin’s explosive speed, saying, “It was a little too much for the runners in the back to follow because Jimin’s hitting at first hit a lot,” and was surprised by Jimin’s explosive speed as a starter.
He then praised Jimin’s team’s strategy of winning three consecutive victories by saying, “I think the operation was very good.
“Jimin, who is also well known as an all-around sportsman, was different from the start due to his strong core strength and leg muscles, which were strengthened by various sports such as martial arts, kendo, and taekwondo.
Even when he turned around a corner that was prone to fall at accelerated speed, he made a strong impression with a stable posture of speed cornering, laying the foundation for victory at that time.
Also, if Jimin had waited for me at the finish line, the “Pull the Record” questionnaire announced ahead of the 2016 ISAC finals.
In “Idol Who Do,” he topped the list with the overwhelming support of 35% of male idols, drawing attention as the most popular male idol.
After the special broadcast, various responses such as “The Legend of the 400m Relay,” “Jimin’s Start is always thrilling,” “Surprised by his fast speed-keeping cornering skills,” “All-around sportsman with all-around dancers,” and “skill + appearance + personality + popularity + perfect Jimin” were poured on SNS.
Meanwhile, for the first time in ISAC history, no one has broken BTS’s record of three consecutive wins in the 400m relay.