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BTS Jimin

BTS Jimin, also known as the “God of the Stage,” excited fans with his perfect performance, outstanding live performance, and sensuous humor.
BTS appeared on the “WIB (Waktu Indonesia Belanja) TV Show” hosted by Tokopedia, Indonesia’s largest e-commerce company, on the 25th to showcase the “Dynamite” stage.
Among them, Jimin, who showed sexy and neat yet sophisticated styling with retro denim pants and red square-patterned ties on his neck, caught the eye with his 360-degree spin and perfect detailed choreography as if measured with a ruler as the main dancer in the team.
In particular, Jimin, who has always performed perfect vocals and dynamic singing methods from mid to high notes despite his breathless movement changes, was praised by fans for proving his outstanding live performance with a sense of emptying his parts.
In an interview that followed, Jimin and the members gave New Year’s greetings to Indonesian fans and MC Park Kyung-rim said, “Enjoy the interview, wit, and personality!” BTS It’s a good restaurant,’ he said.
“Live skills are also world class!” “Jimin’s stage is always new and exciting,” “Charismatic on stage, infinite re-enthusiastic about her cheerful and humorous unexpected charms,” and “Hair style is perfect for her.
” It drew attention with responses such as sexy and luxurious and Jimin’s close-up camera is desperately.
“Tokopedia has announced two Q&A broadcasts by BTS members on the 26th and 28th, raising expectations for fans not only in Indonesia but also around the world.