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BTS Jimin

The news of a meaningful donation celebrating the 8th anniversary of the debut of the group BTS (BTS) Jimin gave a warm impression.
On the 13th, Jimin’s fanbase “JIMINDATA” said on SNS that it has decided to adopt a seriously endangered Siberian tiger (Korean animal) and an African rhino through the “World Wide Fund” (WWF) to mark the eighth anniversary of Jimin’s debut.
The adoption has been protecting wild animals for two years after adopting giraffes through the World Wide Fund (WWF) to celebrate the seventh anniversary of their debut last year, giving warmth to the entire fandom through various good deeds.
Rhinos and Siberian tigers, which have been adopted by JIMINDATA, are classified as critically endangered species due to habitat loss due to wheat leaves, ecosystem destruction and global warming.
‘Jimin Data’ shares videos about Jimin, who loves animals, and watches ‘Animal Video’ often.
“If you watch the video, you can heal,” he said, and revealed Jimin’s good “Kangyang,” who communicates with animals.
A wary black cat that appeared at the overseas filming site of his own overseas program “American Hustle” as a rookie approached Jimin only, and a sensitive three-colored cat he met for the first time for the music video shoot of Jimin’s solo song Serendipity was also seen touching and interacting with his owner’s advice, “It’s okay.
“In the BTS travel program “Bon Voyage 4 New Zealand,” puppies who first met at the camping site and lodging approached Jimin without hesitation, showed their belly, which means trust and obedience, and showed aegyo, stroking and communicating with stingrays.
In particular, Jimin Data donated in the name of Jimin to the Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF) and the Savechildrenuk, which provide humanitarian assistance to Palestinian youth as well as animal protection.
“Animal lovers are full of special types of humans, generous minds, and empathy, tend to be sentimental, and have a heart as big as a cloudless sky,” “I love Jimin so much, and I am so happy and proud to be able to watch him as an artist.
” I’ll walk with you to the end,’ said a special affection for my singer Jimin.