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Elle Japan.

BTS Jimin is a top-class fashionista with global influence and has been praised by media outlets around the world.
Following Indian entertainment media ‘IWM BUZZ’, famous fashion magazine ‘ELLE JAPAN’ selected Jimin as the most fashionable member of the BTS, saying, “Jimin is famous for his sexy makeup and unique visuals.
“Another media outlet said Jimin prefers brands such as Chanel, Dior, and Celine for his plain clothes fashion, and Jimin’s colorful accessories are especially popular for their wannabe styling, which they want to follow regardless of gender.
In response, U.
K-pop media Allkpop also reported that “Fashion King” Jimin is a fashion show every day, and the world is his runway.
BTS Jimin has been selected as the most fashionable member of “Elle Japan” following international media mentions.

            Photo.<br> Foreign media.<br>

“All K-pop” also constantly mentioned and said about Jimin’s fashion, including “VOGUE,” “IDN Times,” “InStyle,” “COSMOPOLITAN” and “ZOOMTV.
“He then paid attention to Jimin’s global impact on the fashion industry, who is famous for his “fashion one-picks” such as CELINE, Saint Laurent, Wall Street Journal (WSJ) magazine, and Tommy Hilfiger Japan.
Jimin has been recognized for his influence in the world, including the “Model and Muse” in the 2019 Class and the only global magazine GQ’s “10 Best Dresses of the Week” in the U.
men’s magazine, GQ, as the official recognition of the global fashion industry.