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BTS Jimin

BTS Jimin drew attention with his chic masculinity and unexpected charm of winter fairy visuals.
BTS released the “2021 BTS Winter Package” preview video and pictorial on the 27th.
Jimin, who is dressed in all black and black in the video, shows off his restrained extreme sexiness and chicness and looks at the lit matchstick with no expression.
Jimin’s appearance reminds of a scene from the popular drama “Goblin,” which aired in 2016, and there was a craze among fans for summoning “Goblin” (Jimin + Goblin).
“Gimkaebi” is a nickname obtained from fans after Jimin challenged the famous line of the male main character in a scene of “Goblin” in a performance test conducted ahead of the mission of Run BTS EP.
73 in 2019.
Later, when the screen of the preview video was switched, Jimin became the Snow Fairy of the White Snow Garden with the song “Life Goes On” in the calm piano melody and showed off his unexpected charm like a child.
In particular, the thick white fur hat, which highlights innocence and cuteness, is a unique hat that reappeared after the 2020 Winter Package set in Helsinki last year, and the U.
K-pop media “Koreaboo” also showed enthusiastic responses from fans.
“Summoning the Gimblin!” “I thought you were the main character of the drama,” “Cutie Sexy Lovely” in the short video, “I have a reason to keep it,” and when will the drama “Gimblin” be aired? He gave enthusiastic responses such as thrilling just thinking about it” and “The summoning of the famous Jimin signature fur hat seems to have all the cuteness of the world.