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Last year, BTS, who created a worldwide syndrome with’dynamite’, won the grand prize at the APAN Music Awards.

The group BTS received the grand prize at the 2020 APAN MUSIC AWARDS, which was broadcast live on the afternoon of the 24th, and singer Kang Daniel was honored with five crowns.

The honor of TOP10 went to Twice, NCT127, The Boyz, Kang Daniel, Monsta X, IZone, GOT7, Seventeen, BTS, and Lim Youngwoong.
The new K-pop icon, the newcomer award, was won by the group Wei.

In ‘Idol champ’ category to be selected by vote of the fans as a solo artist was awarded the like IU, Daniel River, a group of Boy Scouts bulletproof, eyes circles.
APAN This year’s song was awarded by Monsta X, this year’s singer was NCT127, and this year’s album was awarded by Twice.

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Twice, who climbed TOP 10, said, “I want to express my gratitude to all of you who send great love, and I will do my best to become Twice who can provide comfort and strength.
” NCT127 also said, “I hope that our NCT will be a lot of strength in a tiring and difficult time.

MONSTA X said, “It seems that I have passed a difficult year with passion,” and said, “I want to aim at the Billboard Hot 100 and shoot once in 2021.
” GOT7 said, “I can’t meet the fans directly, but I always have a grateful heart.

IZone said, “It is a prize given by fans, so I am more valuable and thankful.
Thank you for loving me.
I hope you will be comforted by our songs during difficult times.
This year, I hope to see you close to each other.

Lim Young-woong, the only trot singer in the TOP 10, said, “This is an award made by fans,” and said, “I will try to show a better image to people who support me from all over the country and around the world.

WeI, who received the New K-Pop Icon Award, said, “It is meaningful because it is the first award I receive as a WeI.
I will try to become a growing group.

Kang Daniel won a total of five categories including TOP 10 and Idol Champ Fan’s Pick Choice Solo category.
He said, “I spent a lot of time researching my music and tried to enjoy it to the fullest, but thanks to your love, I received an award.
” “I want to show you more in 2021 and stand in front of you in more diverse ways.

On this day, Kang Daniel, Inalchi Lee, White, Jaehwan Kim, and Sungwoon Ha made the stage and made the first start of the APAN Music Awards.
However, most of the winners did not attend or received a substitute award, leaving a regret.

The APAN Awards is the first integrated music awards ceremony in cooperation with the pop culture and arts planning organizations that lead the pop culture and arts industry in Korea (13 organizations including the Korea Entertainment Producers Association, the Korea Music Industry Association, the Korea Population Culture and Arts Industry Association, and the Korea Management Association) to be.
It was scheduled to be held in November of last year, but it was held in 2021 after being postponed once due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19).

Below 2020 APAN MUSIC AWARDS winners
▲ APAN Target: BTS
▲ APAN Song of the Year: Monsta X
▲ APAN Artist of the Year: NCT127
▲ APAN Album of the Year: Twice
▲ TOP10: Twice, NCT127, The Boyz, Daniel Kang, Monsta X, IZone, GOT7, Seventeen, BTS, Youngwoong Lim
▲ New K-Pop Icon: Wei
▲ Idol champ picks paenseu Choice Solo Division: IU, Daniel Kang,
▲ Idol Champ Fan’s Pick Choice Group Category: BTS, IZone
▲ Idol Champ Best All-rounder: JB (GOT7)
▲ Idol Champ Best Performance: Kang Daniel
▲ Idol Champ Entertainers: Park Ji-hoon, Chu (Girl of the Month)
▲ Idol Champ Best Icon: NCT
▲ Idol Champ Best Music Video: Black Pink
▲ Idol Champ Global Pick Group: Seventeen, Black Pink
▲ Global Pick Solo: Hwasa, Kang Daniel
▲ New Wave: Treasure, white
▲ APAN Choice Global K Wave Star: A.
▲ APAN Choice Best K Trot: Jang Min-ho
▲ APAN Choice Best Trend: Ha Sungwoon
▲ APAN Choice Best Vocalist: Jaehwan Kim
▲ APAN Choice New Focus: Inalchi
▲ KT Seezn Star: Kang Daniel