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The group BTS (BTS) poses at a global press conference for the release of its new digital single “Butter” at Olympic Hall in Olympic Park, Songpa-gu, Seoul, on the afternoon of the 21st.
From the left, V, Suga, Jin, Jungkook, RM, Jimin, J-Hope.
Yonhap News Agency

China’s social network service Weibo (Chinese version of Twitter) has put a number of Korean idol group accounts, including BTS (BTS), under intensive sanctions.
Weibo said it has launched a crackdown on the “irrational idol cheering culture” for “creating a healthy and clean fan club ecosystem.
“According to Weibo’s announcement on the 22nd, Weibo deleted related posts for 10 “accounts that irrationally supported idols” the previous day and banned them from writing posts for 30 days.
It has been confirmed that 10 accounts are actually related to K-pop idol groups such as BTS and EXO.
It includes seven accounts estimated to have been created by BTS fans, including a “BTS bar” with 1.
21 million followers.
There are three “BTS” included in the account name, and BTS-related posts are noticeable in eight accounts.
The main contents of the post included posting scenes of performances or activities of BTS and sharing popularity voting links.
The other two are accounts that contain the name of another EXO or have many EXO-related posts.
Weibo did not comment on what “irrational support” they specifically gave.
It also did not say why the Korean group’s fan account was subject to intensive sanctions.
However, “Weibo Fan Club Ecological Health Special Action” is underway to create a healthy and clean fan club ecosystem at the request of China’s National Cyber Information Center (CAC).

            A KTX train with a full-page advertisement of BTS member Jungkook is stopped on the train platform of Dongdaegu Station.<br> The advertisement was requested by Jungkook's Chinese fan club through Korail distribution, a subsidiary of Korail, in the middle of last month, and there were many arguments within Korail over the acceptance of the advertisement, but they accepted the request based on the judgment that it could pioneer a new advertising market and help the Korean Wave.<br> The train, which is 388 meters from the front engine room of KTX to the rear engine room, will be deployed for a month until the end of this month, considering that it is Jungkook's hometown, Busan.<br> Daily Newspaper DB

Recently, it was controversial in China that fans threw away 270,000 milk to vote for idol trainees.
A milk company that launched a product that collaborated with China’s idol-fostering entertainment program allowed people to vote for the desired participants through a QR code (information pattern) scan inside the lid if they buy milk.
Then fans who wanted to give a lot of votes to their favorite trainees bought a large amount of milk, voted, and threw away the contents without drinking.
Weibo’s actions are not unrelated to CAC’s campaign earlier this month to crack down on irrational acts by fan clubs and the resulting chaos in the entertainment industry.
Weibo said it is focusing on irrational cheering or fundraising that violates regulations, fake news from malicious marketing accounts, and anti-fans who attack celebrities.
Through the related crackdown, Weibo reportedly organized 2,307 posts related to mutual slander and sanctioned 12 malicious marketing-related accounts and 80 anti-fan accounts.