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BTS (BTS) won awards in all four categories, including “Best Pop,” “Best K-Pop,” “Best Group” and “Best Choreography,” at the Video Music Awards, which were broadcast live on August 30 (local time) last year.
At the ceremony, BTS performed its first performance of the new song “Diamite” in English through pre-recording.
The photo shows BTS dressed in a retro suit attending the MTV Awards.
Yonhap News Agency

The music video of BTS (BTS)’s hit song “Diamite” has surpassed 800 million views on YouTube in five months.
According to his agency Big Hit Entertainment on the 24th, the music video for “Diamite,” which was released on August 21 last year, exceeded 800 million views at around 26 p.
on the same day.
After surpassing 700 million views in December last year, it added 100 million views in about a month, proving its uncooling firepower.
It is the sixth time that BTS’ music video has surpassed 800 million views.
“DNA” and “Poetry for the Little Things” exceeded 1.
1 billion views, and “Fake Love” and “Mike Drop” remixes, “Idol” and “Dinemite” reached 800 million views.
Dynamite’ was the first Korean pop music to top the U.
Billboard’s main chart, “Hot 100,” and wrote a historical record.
It stayed on the Hot 100 chart for 21 weeks and was ranked 35th in the latest ranking (as of Jan.
23), unprecedentedly entering the long-term power as a K-pop singer’s song.