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Big Hit Entertainment CI

Big Hit Entertainment, which belongs to BTS, will launch a large digital live streaming platform in partnership with YG Entertainment, Universal Music Group (UMG) and KISSUE.
Big Hit announced on the 10th that YG and UMG will jointly invest in “KBYK Live,” a joint venture established with Kisswe.
As a result, each company plans to appear various musicians, including its artists, on KBYK Live’s streaming platform “VenewLive” to grow it into a global streaming platform.
Big Hit signed a memorandum of understanding with Kiswi in May last year and established a joint venture called KBYK Live in September.
Since then, BenuLive, a digital live streaming concert service platform, has been holding online concerts.
With YG and UMG participating in this, it has become possible to grow into a global streaming platform.
BenuLive was verified for streaming stability and video and audio levels through BTS’ online concerts “Bangbangcon The Live” and “BTS MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E” in June and October last year.
It left an impression on global fans by presenting various performance interactive elements such as 4K/HD high-definition video, multi-view function that allows you to select and enjoy artists’ performances from various angles, live chat function and light stick linkage function.