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BTS Jimin

BTS Jimin’s muse of artists is drawing attention as the process of producing art works has recently been released one after another on the video platform “TikTok.
Artist “SoraGazE” used Jimin’s solo song “Filter” as background music, sketched Jimin’s face as a whole, and completed the painting by drawing detailed lines using a pen with a grid pattern horizontally and vertically.
Beautiful Jimin’s work was created by carefully inserting business cards at the intervals of lines drawn only with thin pens, drawing admiration throughout the process.
In addition, Moroccan artist “YOUSSEF TWINZA” also created a work of art by drawing Jimin’s face on top of a canvas filled with geometric writings and numbers, using “Filter”On top of the existing painting, Jimin’s beautiful face, “ARMY” and BTS marks were painted, drawing attention to the unique process.
“TikTok” has already consistently released videos of various works by artists from all over the world under the theme of Jimin.
Foreign artist “wonjixart” drew attention by releasing a work that expressed the poster “James Dean” of the movie “Rebellion Without a Reason” as Jimin, while another artist “lexi” received a heated response by using a pencil to portray Jimin’s realistic image.
In response, the North American entertainment media Allkpop focused on world-class artists working as Jimin’s muse.
k, who has been using Jimin as a muse for many years and has exhibited Jimin’s works through overseas exhibitions, announced that the reason why Jimin was chosen as a muse was “attractive face.
“In addition, he introduced various works by pop artist Alejandro Vigilante, who has transformed Jimin’s face into a pop art, Saudi painter Hajer, and famous British watercolor illustrator Hector Janse van Rensburg.
BTS Jimin is an idol representative “Gapsin Gap King,” who has coexistence, cuteness and sexiness in both East and West beauty, and world artists in various fields continue to gain artistic inspiration and use Jimin as a “muse.