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BTS Jimin

The knitwear worn by BTS Jimin at the men’s collection un-tact fashion show in the luxury brand Louis Vuitton 2021 FW (Fall-Winter) season is gaining huge popularity as it caused a stir in sales.
In the video of Louis Vuitton’s official account released on the 21st, the BTS members enjoyed themselves by accepting drinks with their names on them and assembling the powered plane, which was a gift for the Louis Vuitton fashion show.
In particular, Jimin, a member wearing a white knitwear designed with the LV logo, Louis Vuitton’s signature, stood out.
On this day, Jimin created luxury with the best combination of a chic urban man’s image and a cozy knit.
It also resembled a formal model with Louis Vuitton’s signature logo.
Since the release of the video, it has received explosive responses from all over the world, which has led to countries being sold out again this time.
Jimin’s knitwear was over 1 million won in Korean won, but it is being sold out one after another on official sales sites such as the U.
, the U.
, Canada, and Brazil as well as in Korea.
Especially in the UK and Brazil, the size was sold out a short time ago.
In the U.
, some fans asked the customer center for the out-of-stock size, and Jimin’s past Louis Vuitton clothes have also become a hot topic again.
Jimin’s luxury clothes worn at various awards ceremonies have been talked about every time, and even though they were not official Ambassador or model, the luxury brand “Saint Laurent” has posted photos of Jimin’s Saint Laurent on its fanbase and has enjoyed the “Jimin effect” by posting them on official SNS.
BTS launched its official event with luxury brands through the Louis Vuitton Fashion Show.
As a result, fans are paying keen attention, and “Louis Vuitton” is expected to perform well as a luxury ambassador and model, with “Louis Vuitton” topping the real-time trend in Korea.