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Because it is the southernmost tip of Korea, it suffered a lot from typhoons, and there were more women than men because men died from typhoons while working at sea to catch fish.
It is said that farming is difficult because it is a volcanic island and there are many stones (basalt). Samdasoo is a brand of bottled water made in Jeju Island with this in mind. As the years go by, there are still a lot of stones and wind, but there is a feeling that women have decreased. This is because the number of men who die while working at the sea has decreased because they are living well, so there are fewer reasons for the imbalance between the sexes.

There is also an expression called Sammu Island. The name was given because there were no thieves, beggars, or gates, but the villagers crossed over and knew each other, and when it was difficult, there were no beggars.