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It is said that sturgeon lived in the past, and sturgeon is still found, although not in large numbers.

The estuary of this river consists of Ganghwa Island and its annexed islands. And as you can see in the image above, it is very close to North Korea. There are areas that can be reached from North Korea in less than an hour by combat swimming. If you observe with TOD, etc. while guarding the river at the estuary of the Han River, you can see soldiers of the Korean People’s Army who are fighting dungeons or receiving mental training outdoors.

A house with a view of the Han River boasts a very high price. The Han River can be seen clearly in places where the highest-end apartments and officetels in Gangnam and Gangbuk are sold, and real estate places a strong emphasis on this. In particular, an apartment with a view of the Han River in Gangnam is worth more than billions of dollars. It seems to be popular especially because of the night view. The way the bridge shines at night is quite beautiful.

However, among those who have actually lived in an apartment on the Han River, many say they do not want to live again. It is said that it is difficult to open the windows due to the noise and fine dust generated on the North Riverside Road and Olympic Road. In summer, the light reflects off the Han River, so it is very hot and in winter it is very cold because of the strong wind. In addition, visitors to Hangang Park often cause noise and stench of food.